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Here at Brad Acheson Homes we are the proud sponsors of
St Johns Junior League Team and Kurt & Dylan Eather

Kurt & Dylan Eather

Amazing results for the boys in the National junior track series. After four rounds of racing Dylan Eather finished in second position overall. A big congrats to Max Leiner who took out the series. After leading the series in the first round Kurt Eather slipped back into sixth place overall. Not to bad going seen there was 110 under 17 boys nominated for the series. Congrats to James LMoriarty for taking the series out with such consistent racing.

To Brad Acheson of Brad Acheson Homes for helping the boys out with sponsorship. Gussy Dawson is the man. He has got the boys to where they are today. To Rod Fardell for your help with strength and conditioning. The boys are always keen to take on your challenges. To Max Stevens and his crew for running such a fantastic series. Sorry we couldn't be there for the final round but we will be back next year. Super proud of the dedication you boys show. You amaze me every day.

Janette Eather

Current Titles 

Kurt Eather - under 17 mens

Australian points race champion

Australian Kieran champion

Australian Team Sprint champion

Australian road race champion

Dylan Eather - under 15 mens

Australian sprint champion

Australian Kieran champion

Australian road time trial champion


St Johns Junior League Team

We are the proud sponsors of the Junior St Johns League team and have done so for the past two years. During this time the team has gone from strength to strength.

We are excited to follow the boys into the future and watch them grow as the incredible team that they are